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Honeycotts Sweet Shop

We are doing our own range of sweets and fudge, from family favourites to timeless classics you are bound to find something you like. Already packaged in handy sized bags or tubs you can just pick up your sweets with no fuss. All available to order online and collect at your leisure.


Loyalty Card

Get yours now!

Don’t forget to ask us for a loyalty card, every time you use this card you will get 10 points for every £1 spent. You can then use those points on your next transaction or why not collect more points and pay for your food and drink with your points. 100 points are worth £1 to spend in store.

Anything Else

Houston we have a problem….

Well in the words of Joni Mitchell ‘you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone’ – our kitchen printer decided it didn’t want to work for the peak lunch hour so staff running back and forth with shorthand notes which appear to have been written by a drunken spider dipped in ink.
Apologies to anyone who had to wait a couple of minutes extra whilst Bletchley Park worked on decoding the tickets.

Just joking, staff did us proud.
All fixed now thankfully and we are back to full speed – choo choo….