Covid-19 News

Well these are certainly strange times we are living in, masks, social distancing, sanitiser, things we would never have even thought of just a year ago are becoming the norm.

At Honeycotts we take the safety of our customers and staff seriously and we introduced the following back in July 2020 when we reopened from lockdown:

Ordering – We have large screens above the counter with our drinks and our food is in the fridge, all cakes are under glass domes or individually wrapped. If you are dining in with us then please find a table and we can come to you to take the order, alternatively you can scan the QR code to order online, it’s easy and we will bring your order to you as soon as it is ready. Some customers prefer to come to the counter to order, that’s fine too.

Our payment terminal is contactless so you can just wave your card or phone at it and pay without touching anything. You can also pop up to the counter and we will serve you there.

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Sanitiser stations – we have three, by the front door, by the stairs and in the toilet. We also have a pump bottle of hand sanitiser on every single table right next to the menu holders. We ask that you use sanitiser on the way in and before you leave but you are welcome to use them as many times as you need. On wet or windy days we will not put them on the outside tables but they will be available.

Social distancing – We ask all of our customers to practice social distancing as best as possible, we have removed some of our tables so they are further apart.

Masks & Visors – Customers entering the premises are free to wear a mask until seated at a table, our staff members will wear masks or face visors when preparing your order and also when bringing it to you.

Gloves – Our staff will wear gloves whenever preparing any food or drink or handling any non wrapped products, we have a large supply of these and staff will wash their hands and change their gloves at regular intervals.

Food preparation – Our chef sanitises all work surfaces before and after every use and washes his hands between all preparations, he has mild OCD so he has always done so to the point of obsession, some obsessions are good things you know.

Toilets – Our toilets are upstairs, they are sanitised and cleaned during the day as necessary, as are the banisters, antibacterial hand wash is always available as is hand sanitiser, hand towels and toilet paper. Should any of these run out (it happens) or another customer has made a mess in the toilet that we have not spotted please let us know and we will see to it immediately. We have removed the linen hand towels for your safety. Please put used hand towels and or female sanitary products in the bin, we have provided a box of nappy sacks on the window sill to pop these items in before putting in the bin. Please DO NOT try and flush hand towels or anything else down the toilet, pop them in the bin.