Why Buy A Supermarket Sandwich?

Proper Sandwiches

We make our sandwiches to order using fresh bread from a local bakery each and every day, at the end of that day the leftover bread will never be used for the next day. The ingredients are fresh and like all other sandwich bars and restaurants we have stringent time limits on ingredients like meats and cheeses and these are strictly adhered to. When you order a sandwich from us you can guarantee that the bread and the filling are fresh and therefore tasty.

Supermarket Sandwiches

Let me start off by saying that yes they can be very quick and very handy, just grab a sarnie off the shelf and you’re done but are they any good? This was prompted by a trip to a food wholesaler and noticing that they sold packs of grab and go sandwiches for you to resell, that all sounds good but the ones they had in stock had almost two weeks use by date on them, two weeks – 14 days. Now as somebody who works with food every day I wondered just how much flavour would be left in a two week old sandwich, never mind how fresh it would taste, leaving aside the thought of how much preservative must be in there for the perishable filling to last two weeks. This prompted me to google “supermarket sandwiches” and it came up with the following pictures and stories, now we all know how they fill just the middle of the sandwich so that when it is cut in half it looks full but some of the pictures and stories shocked me, also notice the distinct lack of butter or spread. Enjoy


oh look a vegetarian ham sandwich
oh look a vegetarian ham sandwich


supermarket sandwich 6
Not very filling


there's something fishy or rather a lack of fish
there’s something fishy or rather a lack of fish


ok who stole my filling?
ok who stole my filling?


stuck in the middle with you
stleeve it out!


prawn to be wild
prawn to be wild




hmm tasty
hmm tasty tuna and sweetcorn



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