Honeycott's Of Burford


Welcome to Honeycotts Shake & Snack Café Burford.

If you are sitting in our café you can order at your table by clicking the link below, just pop your name and email, under ‘ordering method’ choose ORDER LATER, pop in how many people, leave the time section as it is (we’ll bring your order straight over) then just add your table number in the comments box underneath to let us know you’re already here, click whether you will be paying cash or card. Your food and drink will be prepared and we will bring your order to you when it is ready.

Payment – Sit and enjoy your food and drink, we’ll get your bill ready for you and you can pay when you are finished.

If you want to click and collect then just click the button below and select pickup, place your order and let us know what time you wish to collect it, if you are coming straight away click ‘now’ otherwise pop the time in the comment box, we’ll take payment when you collect it.

See MENU & Order Table Reservation

Here’s a few of the things we do:

Award Winning Coffee
Our Famous Thick Shakes
World Champion Cornish Pasty
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