Thick Shakes

Thick Shakes

What Are They?

Thick Milkshakes

So what makes our shakes so special? For starters we have one of the world's biggest range of shakes with literally millions of different combinations of fillings and toppings, we use tried and tested ingredients like whippy ice cream and the best quality flavourings.


We have two ranges, our CLASSIC range which consistes of favourites like Vanilla or Chocolate and exotic flavours like Pina Colada and Mango.

Our FABULOUS FILLINGS range is where we blend in chocolate bars, sweets or cookies into the shake. So you can have Oreo, Skittles, Lion Bar, Kinder Bueno etc and lots lots more.

We do two sizes, regular at 12oz and large at 16oz. We also have numerous toppings such as whipped cream, Oreo crumb, mini Smarties etc that you can choose from including a fresh espresso shot coffee which is just lovely and refreshing